Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barry Update! Summer 2012


Well, MxBx finally got it's shit together enough to plan some thing's for this year. But before that, some announcements:

  • CONTEST WINNER - Congrats go out to Brian Yan (of the Yan family) from planet Earth. He knew some crazy facts about comics, so he win's a free copy of the 7'' along with some other delicious goodies (hope you like cocaine, Brian!). Our split 7'' with Actuary features art from Alan Moor's Miracleman. Which if you didn't know, was a supremely well written comic book story from the 80's. After it's run, the comic was cancelled & the rights to the character hung in legal limbo for over a decade. Now Miracleman is owned by Disney, so expect a lengthy courtroom between them & The Barry. As everybody knows, we have the best lawyers mexican food can buy, so expect the swift foot of justice to hastily plant itself in the asses of those Nazi-loving Marvel-stealers.
  • LIVE SHENANIGANS - We may possibly be playing with a bunch of badass bands in October. Stay tuned.
  • OUT NOW - MARION BARRY/SEAL TEAM 666 - "Funkadelic Hyperblast" digi-ep. Available only from GRINDCORE KARAOKE. Blast out with these nuts in your mouth. A small taste of Barry before we fuck your face with the Chulo split 7". Plus you got J.Randall on the flip side tea bagging you two things that always go good together: Merzbow & Dolemite. ENJOY!

We have a bunch of releases up for the remainder of the year and going into the next one. Below is the order they'll come out in. Start saving your pennies kids!

  • Chulo/Marion Barry split 7" (Beat The Meat/ Placenta / Burnt Potato & Hygiene Records)
  • Godstomper/Marion Barry "Dead Technology: The Super Pretentious Tape Split" (Cesspool Records)
  • Gorgonized Dorks/Marion Barry split Tape (Agromosh Records)
  • Marion Barry/Megatron "Attack Configuration" split USB Drive (Burnt Potato Records)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marion Barry vinyl is here!

Check it out!

Our split 7" with Actuary is out now! You can purchase these fine records (limited to 300) from Marion Barry. Email us at grapedrink666@yahoo.com. Copies are $5/PP & $10/PP Overseas. You can also get a copy from the labels responsible for putting it out: Beat The Meat Records, Jerk-Off Records, Love Earth Music, & Grindcore Karaoke (see our links for their websites or learn how to fucking use google finally, it's been years! You need to get on that!).

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Jason & (new Barry member & Actuary virtuoso) D(stroyer) Johnston!


Ok, in celebration of this glorious release we're going to have a little contest. You have to be somewhat of a nerd to get this one, but it'll be worth it ( worth it if you like the bands, if you don't and just want to win because you are a giant dork and know the answer then I guess cool for you for being a geek who just likes free things. The world needs less of you). The winner gets a free copy of the 7", a Barry button, and some stickers or something. Here's your question....

Q: What is the artwork on the Actuary/Marion Barry 7" from?

If you know the answer you don't have to give the exact figures on it. Just tell us the thing that it's from. Is it from a movie? Book? Cartoon? Mexican porn? Who the hell knows!? Just answer the goddamn question and you get free things. For a closer look at the artwork you can download the release and digi-book from www.grindcorekaraoke.com. You can send your answer to our email  (grapedrink666@yahoo.com) or post in the comment box below. The winner will be announced in a later post whenever someone actually answers the damn thing. Happy hunting everybody!